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Survey Designing and Data Collection

We provide access to a large set of data related to Nepal and its economy. We have aggregated and analyzed the data from various sources. Whether it is for specific industry or company or at macro level data you can reach us for all data-related concerns. We use the latest technology and methodology to collect the primary data at your request.

Analytics and Business Solutions

Data Analytics initiatives help businesses increase revenues, improve operational efficiency and customer experience, respond more quickly to emerging market trends and gain a competitive edge over rivals. We help organizations achieve desired outcomes using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our expertise also include predictive analytics, business dashboards and intelligent automation.

Research and Policy Analysis

We extend our support to data-driven policy formulation to Government both at central and province level, and private corporations. We provide policy recommendations on different macroeconomic issues. We have partnered with various government and non-government organizations and facilitated them to conduct research and designing the policies.

Training and Skills Development

We conduct various training and skill development sessions for corporate employees, researchers and students on multifarious areas of survey designing and data collection, statistics, research methodology, business analytics and policy evaluation. We provide extensive hands-on training to ameliorate your analytical and technical expertise. We organize regular training sessions on MS Excel, SPSS, STATA, R, Python, Eviews and GIS.

About Us

Sankhya Solutions is a data analytics and consultancy organization that helps enterprises and governments achieve accelerated impact by providing data driven insights.

We are a team of young professionals, PhD scholars, working towards a common goal of making a difference in society by harnessing the power of research and data.

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Bishu Giri

Bishu Giri

Statistician & AI/ML Enthusiast having 5+ years of experience working in the field of Data analytics and machine learning.

Indra Giri

Indra Giri

Research & Policy design Expert. 5+ years of experience of working in public policy and survey designing.

Krishna Sharma

Krishna Sharma

Researcher and Macroeconomics policy analysis expert.

Praval Sharma

Praval Sharma

Data Analytics & AI/ML Enthusiast, have experience working on spatial analysis & modeling

Ram N. Shrestha

Ram N. Shrestha

Researcher and Policy Analysis Expert.

Sumit Sharma

Sumit Sharma

Economist, 6+ years of experience working on various multinational companies on Banking & Finance Industry

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